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Emily [userpic]

Back in Blighty!

September 27th, 2007 (01:29 pm)

current location: England
current mood: determined
current song: Aslan talking on phone

Came back on the 25th.

Brought Alan with me! Left the cats behind with my Mum *sadface*. The sadface is for both the cats and my family.

After the Megan and David fiasco, Megan has been causing problems for me here in England the prissy bitch.

Shall tell THAT story another time, it's too depressing now.

Basically, we have returned to England to find jobs and a better education!

It's all a bit scary and exciting.

Signing on, looking for jobs, finding a college, still doing long distance education, getting and moving into somewhere...

It's going to be busy!


Bertha is dead. Dead and eaten (I refused to eat her, but I asked for her horns).

Prepare for a massive photo post next!

Tell me all your updates, I feel all out of the loop and neglectful of lj.

Emily [userpic]

Ahaha I have discovered the Cafe down the road has wireless internet!

June 27th, 2007 (03:20 am)
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current location: crete
current mood: optimistic
current song: System Of A Down - Cigaro

And so I am sitting in my living room on the internet!

God knows in anyone is still interested in my life.

Well, I am now living with Alan (we moved in together in the beginning of April and are now onto our second apartment) and we have two kittens, Tinkerbell (a tortoiseshell tabby)and Jacques (pronounced like Jack but with a french accent who is a light ginger). Also known as Stinky Tink and Jacques Les Chat.

We are now in the Chania area rather than Kounoupidiana, so we are closer to our jobs.

Of which we have had many.

At the moment I'm working in a Nightclub/Bar called Klik and working for the boat tours.

I shall tell all those stories another day.

But I have returned!

...if there is anyone left to notice lol.

Emily [userpic]

A new year a new update

January 21st, 2007 (10:14 pm)

current location: crap england
current mood: lonely
current song: Casual Sex - The Faint

So yes, it has been months since I last updated.

Here is my update:

*I am currently in England to do exams (and have been since 21st December 2006) but am going home on THURSDAY! *cannotwait*

*I just got off the phone to Alan. He is lovely and I love him ^.^

*I went to a party last night

*I feel slightly groggy (not related to party however)

*Am going to watch my Grandad play pool in a minute

*Have two exams (both English Lit) one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday

*I have already had an exam (classical civilization) in which I wrote 8 pages on the Odyssey, a book I have never read

*Rob came and visited me in England for a few days (he came back for Christmas and New Year) but he has now gone back to Crete

*My New Year was horrible because I missed Alan so much

That is my news. What is yours? Have you all forgotten about me?

Emily [userpic]

Ho hum - was 14th November, but has been updated ^.~

November 18th, 2006 (12:31 pm)

current location: Party Centre of Crete! lofl
current mood: frustrated
current song: Paranoiattack - The Faint

Today (aka the 14th) it's Rob's birthday. He is 27. Happy Birthday Rob!

We are all going out tonight to celebrate.

It has been a busy last few days - I went out on Thursday, Friday and Sunday already!

I'll probably be cruelly forced to come back early by my Mum, so I'll end up getting a taxi back by myself. Fun.

Oh well, at least I'm allowed out at all.

I'll edit this post tomorrow to let you all know what happened. A night in the life of Emily! lolz.


Emily [userpic]

Mmmmh a title, 'eh?

November 11th, 2006 (11:19 pm)
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current location: Crete
current mood: Emo
current song: Greek Telly

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In May I put gum in the_phreak's hair (-12 points). In March I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). In January I gave glytch777 a Dutch Oven (-10 points). Last Wednesday I ruled Asscrackistan as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). In April meggymoomoos and I robbed a bank (-50 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-780 points). For Christmas I deserve a lump of coal!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Dirka dirka.

Today I have been really emo and homesick.

Tomorrow I'm going out until 2am - Aslan is DJing. He did tonight as well but I am Le Babysitter here lol.

Look Meg, even Livejournal knows we are saving for Disneyland Paris, we robbed a bank!

I have also tried shots of absinthe now. But I am unfortunately pretty skint for next week. And it's Rob's birthday Tuesday!

Quick, tell me something SHOCKING.

Emily [userpic]

Quick little update

October 30th, 2006 (12:19 pm)

current location: Internet Cafe in Kouni
current mood: rushed
current song: Please - Nine Inch Nails

* Aslan aka Alan is now my boyfriend

* Verity came to stay for a week! We had many many funs and we (meaning me, Verity, Alan and Rob) even went to the beach

* I have started to "sort my life out"

* Letters take forever to get to me *cries* D:

* Aslan has a baby tortoise called Fred that has the most adorable wrinkly limbs and neck you have ever seen

* The internet in the house has completley failed so now I go on a journey to the Internet Cafe

* They don't have Halloween in Greece

So much has happened recently that I seem to have forgotten most of it lol. How are you all? I haven't been on the interwebz for so long I feel all left out *sadface*

What is your news?

Emily [userpic]

(no subject)

October 3rd, 2006 (07:14 pm)

current location: Boredom. And Dr Dolittle's life.
current mood: mischievous
current song: brother learning Greek off a program on a laptop

I said I would give you pictures, and pictures I have!

I am VERY sorry about the delay, but the stupid internet card ran out just as I clicked preview, so it had to wait until today when I got a new one!


On a side note, party tomorrow which I am 'supervising' LOL the party was on Saturday and now it is Tuesday, just to let you know HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED FOR A CARD! Can you believe I both ironed Alan's trousers and gelled his hair for the party!?

I think I can safely say Alan is my friend.

Emily [userpic]

(no subject)

September 28th, 2006 (12:52 pm)

current location: Dr Dolittle's life
current mood: optimistic
current song: Cockerel shouting

Today is (so far) a good day!

Yesterday I moved into my room, complete with canopy over the bed and princess laundry basket (lol).

Today I got TWO letters! One from David and one from Verity. Megan, your letter is not here yet but it must arrive or I will hurt the postpeople preventing me from having it.

I have also been adopted by Gaston (Skanks' brother). I have seen him around a few times, but he mostly lurks near the olive grove. Now I am in my room (near the olive grove) he found me last night. I stroked him, talked to him, and he spent the night outside my room. I could hear him meow-ing, but no animals allowed in any part of the house. He was still there this morning (when Bertha woke me up complaining about being hungry) and then he went off for a bit about...eight. I went for some breakfast, fell asleep on the sofa and then went back to my room to watch Labyrinth (cheers Meg!) only to find him sitting outside, waiting for me. He is so adorable! He's guarding my room as we speak (or whatever it is called when you read this after I've typed it). When Mum came down to give me the letters with the (phonetic spelling now) Ya Ya, he went up and investigated them before they got to my door. He's like a little furry guard dog! He's like Babe, the pig! lolz.

I have taken pictures of him and the other animals, and of my room so I will try to put those up today or tomorrow.

Tell me a story! :DDD

Emily [userpic]

You're about as Femme Fatale as an after dinner mint!

September 18th, 2006 (01:48 pm)

current location: Crete
current mood: curious
current song: Tutor talking

I have added two more Disney Drabbles, so please go read and review!

Come hither to read

On another note, the tutor for Sam has arrived.

He seems very patient with Sam (I can hear him as I type - he is just outside the bedroom where the computer is).

However, he does have irritating poufy hair. It's all...big and fluffy >:( LOLZ.

Tell me something fun and exciting. How are you all!?

Emily [userpic]

(no subject)

September 13th, 2006 (11:54 am)

current location: Crete
current mood: giddy
current song: Computer noises, chickens

I am here! My room is gorgeous, and I might soon be able to move in there! lofl.

I can't wait until all the furniture is in etc.

I will take pictures soon, but I am far too lazy at the moment.

I might get a braid in my hair, of blue and silver. What do you think?

I am on crappy dial-up, so the internet is so slow I want to die full of fun!

I have written letters to Verity, Oriana and Jenny at the moment, and David will be next. MEGAN WHERE IS YOUR LETTER TO ME!? *weeps and wails*

On a side note, Disneyland Paris!

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